An engine like a car 0 km, every day.

The motor of your car is like the heart in people. It is one of the parts to which you should pay the most attention and care. Sometimes the roads we travel and even the oil we use can dirty our engine. Thinking about this we present you the best products to eliminate all dirt from your engine, extend its useful life and best of all, so you save money.

1. Wipes: Degreasing Cloths

They’re a industrial solution no rinse to clean and degrease everything from engines and outdoor equipment to vehicle trim. All towels are designed with a moisture sealed packaging.

These towels are low in VOC and come with a delicious citrus scent. They are an ideal solution to easily clean your motor and leave it free of grease, they are also safe for your skin.

2. STP: Cloths Special cleaning

These wipes cleaning and degreasing Engine covers are a convenient way to clean up tough dirt, oil and grease buildup under the hood. They are strong enough for all parts of the engine.

They are large and stringyThey have a clean texture to remove dirt accumulated on and around your car’s engine components, all with the ease and convenience of a disposable cloth.

3. Cleaning Gun motor

It is designed to remove fat and dirt from transmissions and engine parts. It is suitable for spraying a wide range of cleaning products, oils and anticorrosives.

You can put inside this gun to spray kerosene, soap and any other solvent you want high pressure cleaning. It is a practical and effective way to keep your car’s engine flawless.