It looks like a car just out of the agency.

A rather annoying situation is when we come across a scratch or imperfection in the paint of our car. There are many unforeseen events that can cause such defects, such as brushing a column, poorly parked people, children playing, tree branches or minor shocks that cause superficial damage to the bodywork. The reasons can be many and usually happen at the most unexpected moments; sadly, there is not always the budget to go to a workshop or a professional to solve the problem.

The good news is that there are techniques and products They can help you erase or hide these imperfections without you being forced to spend a lot of money. The first thing you should do is study the damage in detail to determine the length and depth of the scratch. This is very important, since if the scratch has passed the layers of the painting you need to have a professional repair it.

On the other hand, the imperfection is clearly superficial, it is best to use polishing wax or polish in small amounts that you can spread delicately with a pad or soft sponge. You have to apply the product in circular or side-to-side movements, whichever is most comfortable for you, always keeping the same direction. You can do this in a few minutes, making sure the chemical is evenly distributed to remove stains and minor scratches from the body.

Nowadays it is much more common to get products that eliminate the damage to the paint of your vehicles by themselves. The truth is that removing superficial scratches or scratches is a process that does not require specialized teams or having extensive knowledge in the area of brassware to be able to do efficiently.

These products are very easy to apply by yourself and produce good results in any vehicle; The problem is that nowadays there is a great variety of options that make the task of choosing one more difficult. Something that can be of great help is choosing those products that offer you a kit; Since these are designed to provide you with all the tools you need to do quality work.

While each kit offers you different results and benefits, most have some basic tools that are used to work on as delicate a surface as professional car paint. A polishing solution, a pad and a microfiber handkerchief are basic tools for polishing surfaces and removing scratches from paint.

The process of cover scratches and scratches is something that does not require much time or effort thanks to these products. So if you do not want to spend a lot in the mechanical workshop, here you will find 3 recognized options with their respective characteristics so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. needs.

1. Remover kit scratches

A concentrated cleaner and extra padded pad are the components of this kit that easily erase years of wear and tear on paint and restores enamel as well as the overall appearance of the vehicle. You can apply it in several stages on any paint or clear lacquer base; best of all is that it is effective in colors light and dark.

This paint restorer is not only good for removing swirls and scratches; it also helps to recover the original shine of the paint that tends to get lost over time. You just have to rub the compound with the pad and in a matter of minutes you can completely remove rust, water stains and any other contaminants on the body.

2. Complete set scratch abrasive

A cleaner made from microscopic abrasives that in contact with the surface of the car safely and quickly erase scratches, paint transfers and surface scratches. The set includes a compact size soft pad that allows you to distribute the formula throughout the vehicle evenly and a microfiber towel perfect for removing excess product and giving the finishing touches.

A complete paint job could be expensive for someone on a tight budget. This is why this represents such a cost-effective solution to eliminate light scratches and chafing. Simply adjust the pad in your drill to remove paint blemishes and get professional-quality work done in no time with minimal effort. It is important that you know the type of paint that your car has, as the product provides easier to perceive results in metallic colors than in black or white tones.

3. Wax for remove stains with microfiber towel

It is a car scratch remover designed to repair quick and easy marks, swirls, stains in the paint; at the same time as it erases scratches, scratches and traces of oxidation. It guarantees professional results that will protect the body from imperfections without the need to mix it with other products so you can save time and money. Set includes wax, sandpaper, microfiber towel, and two pairs of clear gloves to keep you working safely and efficiently.

This kit has the perfect and ideal tools to restore the shine of the paint to its original state, as if the car had just left the agency. It is enough to clean the area where you are going to work well and then apply a small amount of wax on the towel and start spreading it with circular movements so that slight scratches are completely erased. For deeper scratches, it is recommended to first sandpaper and remove residue with a damp towel before buffing. As an added safety measure, it is suggested that you apply the polish in an outdoor space or in rooms with good ventilation.

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