She has a fresh and rested look.

In the morning or after eating certain foods or crying, eyelids and dark circles can become more noticeable. Caffeine is an excellent ingredient to deflate, it is a natural antioxidant so using it constantly prevents wrinkles and expression lines. Using an eye contour will help deflate and make your eyes look radiant.

100% PURE: with vitamin C, green tea and rosehip that can eliminate inflammation

This eye contour, in addition to caffeine, has green tea, rosehip and vitamin C, with these ingredients you can increase collagen production in this important part. It is perfect for those days or nights, when your eyelids and dark circles are super puffy. By having vitamin C, it helps to lower the dark tone that may be under your eyelids.

Apply it with light massages, always with your ring finger. It is perfect for women over 30, who want to give hydration and nutrients to the eye area.

Fairy Labo Tokyo: illuminates, deflates and reaffirms

Thanks to caffeine and hyaluronic acid, this eye contour will help to deflate and hydrate. This will reduce inflammation and improve appearance. Also, this eye contour has collagen, camapu extract and silk tree bark for improve and increase hydration and illuminate your gaze.

You must be constant and even improve your diet, as this has a lot to do with inflammation. To increase its power you can put it in the refrigerator to give it that boost hydration and freshness.

3 La Roche-Posay: for mature and sensitive skin that deflates and soothes

Perfect for mature women with sensitive skin. This eye contour is very soft and is ideal for those skins that are usually very sensitive. It has ingredients such as glycerin, shea butter, ceramides, extract essential oils and of course caffeine. It also improves skin t It has a metal tip, perfect to deflate and give freshness.

It is a product recommended by dermatologists, it is also a product that does not leave a heavy feeling. It can be used only in the morning, which is when there is more inflammation.

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