Look perfect and defined curls easily and effectively.

Although there are several methods to curl hair, the rollers They are a classic and an infallible way to achieve those curls you want so much; in addition to being inexpensive and do not mistreat hair. That is why this time we recommend the best kits for you to use in the comfort of your home:

Tifara Beauty: 42 roller kit with bag included

The hair roller kit are made in light foam and they bring with them 49 rollers of 7 inches each.

Easy to use And with excellent results, the rollers are ideal for all hair types, wet or dry. You will consistently achieve the result you want.

Genovega: 42 roller kit + thermal cap

This roller kit comes with 42 flexible rollers made in light foam 7 ″ long and a nylon cap with anti-radiation insulation coating.

You can use the hat to give yourself a deep conditioning based on hot oils and heat treatments, it is also the perfect accessory to use with your Curlformers, rollers and Velcros. The rollers, meanwhile, make it easy for you to create curls, and are ideal for all hair types, whether wet or dry.

3. WiTu: hook roller kit

Manufactured in light foamThe rollers are 9 ″ long and come in 42 pieces along with various hooks.

Will be flexible and easy to useAs they bend, twist, roll and effortlessly create beautiful bouncy curls for you. For all hair types, wet or dry.

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