There is nothing more pleasant than listening to your favorite music anytime you want, especially during your day of job, to make it much more enjoyable. In order not to disturb your coworkers, we present below the best headphones Of the brand Samsung so that every day at work is like a movie accompanied by your favorite soundtrack.

1. Samsung Stereo Earbud


These headphones are composed of two speakers in each, allowing you to dynamically enjoy deep bass and high-resolution treble. Its slim is short and the cable is flat to avoid annoying knots.

You can enjoy your favorite songs every day at work. These headphones are compatible with most phones Samsung galaxy, as well as with other devices.

2. Samsung Wired Black Sapphire


Your design flat cable tangle-free is lightweight and comfortable. It has a volume button, an on / off response button and they also include four sets of gel pads for greater comfort of your ears.

Listen to your favorite songs with these compact headphones and light, which are designed to offer you clear sound and the best audio quality. You can answer a call and listen to your music without leaving what you are doing.

3. Samsung U – Headphones


Its design has noise reduction Dual microphone and echo cancellation, reduce external noise interference and feedback during calls. They offer you clear, high-quality sound.

The duration of its batteries is approximately 10 hours of conversation, its controls are easy to use. They are practical and light, you have magnetic plugs for the ears when not in use.