A natural and effective way to calm tension and stress.

The anxiety it is a natural reaction of the body when stressful situations occur; the problem is when it gets worse and our minds have exaggerated reactions to non-existent threats that affect the psychosocial sphere or cause problems in the general health. There are many alternatives to calm anxiety and stress, but it is always recommended to stay in natural areas give our body the wellness you need without falling into side effects. That is why this time we recommend the best sets of Bach flowers for you to try all kinds of physical and emotional conditions, in a way healthy and natural.

1. Set with 38 essences of Bach flowers

This set contains the complete range with the 38 Bach Flower essences in a set of 10-millimeter containers stored in a two-layer box. It works for professional or personal use.

Each one has the traditional concentration that is taken from the infusion with a solar method so that you can use in different emotional stages or in behavior related problems.

2. Bach flowers with instructional brochures

It is a complete set of Bach Flowers with 40 doses in 10-millimeter bottles packaged in a wooden box with half-sheeting laminate. But also, includes two 30-millimeter gift bottles and 38 positive affirmation cards.

The idea is to put several drops under the tongue so that absorption is maximized. But if you prefer, you can mix them in food or drinks without generating any side effect, so It works for people of any age or situation.

3. Set with 40 doses of Bach flowers

It is a set with 40 doses of the truth serum made with wild flowers preserved in brandy they are safe for the whole family. They come stored in a wooden chest-style box.

It is a natural and safe method that restores the balance between the mind and the body the moment negative emotions such as hatred, fear, worry or indecision appear. Symptoms that are important to treat in time so that they do not spread in areas or areas of daily life.