If you dyed your hair blonde or some fancy color or bleached, your hair may turn yellow or even orange. This happens due to pigmentation, since it decreases in your hair even if you have gray hair, you can also turn yellow. The ideal is to use shampoos to shade the hair and have the right color, this can happen with any dye. We give you some shampoos to prevent those colors from appearing and have a pure color.

1. Klorane: neutralizes the colors in your blonde, platinum or gray hair

This shampoo has centaurea which is a flower in charge of giving shine to your hair and getting the yellow out of the hair. It gives a slight pigmentation to your hair to neutralize the yellow and tint your hair. This shampoo is ideal if you have blonde, gray or platinum hair. It is a shampoo to get yellow out of the hair with a rich aroma.

The Klorane brand is characterized for using plants and flowers for making of their products and that they are not so abrasive. 2 sizes are available to hold you for months.

2. MARC DANIELS PROFESSIONAL: helps hair growth and takes care of the sun to prevent yellow

Have you ever wondered why there are violet shampoos for hair? The purple color can cover and shade the yellow color. That is why purple shampoos are a great product to prevent your hair from turning yellow. This purple shampoo also prevents and removes the yellow from the hair, helps to strengthen it, take care of it from the sun because it gives UV protection and improves hair growth, it contains rosemary, sage, vitamins A and C.

This shampoo brings out the yellow in your hair, it also helps prevent breakage and is suitable for sensitive scalps. Includes a conditioner to give your hair movement and style without pulling.

3. Surface: a tint that cleans and cares for excess sebum

The yellow tones in the hair also appear from pollution, pools, the sea and even by the rays of the sun. This shampoo to get yellow and orange out of hair helps protect your hair from free radicals, no matter if your hair is platinum, blonde or gray. Contains moringa oil in the hair that will help clean excess sebum and improves the structure of the hair follicle.

It does not matter if you have already dyed your hair in blonde or platinum tones, as this shampoo helps to prevent that unwanted color from appearing.