Safe and easy to use anti-aging remedies …

Wrinkles are women’s worst nightmare, no matter where they come out. When they start to appear, we look for ways to include in our beauty and skincare routine everything that can help us eliminate them. Thousands of products are available on the market that can help us, and more recently silicone face masks. See below the use and benefit of using them, mainly on the face, neck and chest, for the care and prevention of wrinkles on your skin.

1. Masks Wild Tribe Decollete:

These silicone face masks High quality medical grade wrinkles and lines caused by skin aging, lateral dormercy and even sun damage will work quickly.

These pads will increase collagen production and hydrate your skin, ensuring it stays healthy, hydrated and youthful for years to come. This pack of 8 long-lasting pads is the perfect combination to roll back the years in just a few days.


This pack of 2 silicone face masks It is for the treatment of wrinkles. Includes a neck pad and chest pad for wrinkle prevention in the vulnerable and sensitive area of ​​the neck, chest and décolleté.

Made of high quality, hypoallergenic medical grade silicone gel. These self-adhesive pads are ultra safe for all skin types. They increase collagen production and increase blood circulation for a firmer, younger appearance. Restores moisture to the skin by removing moisture from the skin’s surface. Discreet and super comfortable, you can take them wherever you want.

3. Reusable mask ARIEL COSMETICS:

New and improved line of silicone pads For scar reduction, wrinkle removal and prevention caused by sun damage, side sleeping and natural aging.

Most people have their facial skin routine, but they must also pay attention to the fragile skin of the chest. The ideal solution for a wrinkle-free neckline is to use one of these masks.