To use directly on your feet or on shoes.

Are you one of the people who when you get home after a long day at work, when you take off your shoes you almost pass out from the bad smell of your feet? If the answer is yes, chances are your feet are suffering from fungus and bacteria. For this you can use the deodorant sprays that attack bacteria to kill them and the fungus too. See some options here that you can apply directly to your feet or on your shoes.

1. Spray Rocket Pure:

Natural mint shoe deodorant, deodorant foot spray. Combat odor, stench caused by bacteria. This spray cools better than powders, antiperspirants, insoles, sneaker balls. Its use is for feet or shoes.

2. Deodorant spray natural tea tree:

For shoes, foot odor remover and air freshener – Organic Lemongrass, mint, essential oils tea tree.

3. Natural deodorant spray Power Mint:

For footwear, for feet and sporting goods. Instant shoe odor remover with 12 essential oils and enzymes. When it comes to kicking your butt out of bacteria and removing unpleasant odors, this is one of the most popular options. Unlike most natural deodorants that are mostly water with a few drops of essential oil, Sprayzee contains 12 powerful essential oils and natural enzymes.