If you have never dyed your hair, want to experiment with a new hair color or want to play with your little ones at home, there is no expensive alternative to do it. These temporary dyes will give you the color for at least a day or even for several days if you wish, have fun at home and experience a new hair color. They are an excellent way of not mistreating the hair, since they do not contain ingredients such as ammonia or peroxide.

1. L’Oreal Paris: a colored spray that lasts until you wash your hair with shampoo

If you want to change your look for a day or are even curious about how your hair will look with a touch of pink, blue, gold or silver, this spray from L’oreal Paris is an excellent option so that your hair has a different color than less for a day. The tonality will depend on your original tone, because it is very dark, some shades may not be so noticeable.

The color is fades with shampoo very easily, It is perfect even to use in case you have a costume party or even want to have fun with your little ones.

2. Moroccanoil: a color bath that can last up to a week

An excellent option even to maintain your hair color is this Moroccanoil color mask or if you want to dye your hair in silver, gold, brown or copper. It should be placed for about 10 to 20 minutes and then rinse. Depending on the time you let it act, it will get more color. When it begins to dry your hair you will notice how you already have a tone, this it can last up to a week.

You should know that this colored mask, no covers all gray hair. Well, it is a temporary dye that can be washed off in a matter of days.

3. Keracolor: change color without damaging your hair

Another way to have fun changing your look for at least a day is with this conditioner that gives you color. You must apply it after the shampoo and leave it to act for a few minutes and rinse. This temporary dye does last a bit longer, as you can even continue to use it to preserve color. You decide how long you want it to last in your hair.

The best thing is that it does not mistreat the hair, so if you have never dyed your hair it is an excellent alternative to give color to your hair, without exposing it to abrasive ingredients they can dry it out and damage it.