Give your face a spa treatment with these masks.

Having to deal with high levels of stress It is not only harmful to health, it is also harmful to your beauty, because according to recent studies, stress can make us age much faster. To avoid this, a good solution is to use the thermal masks like the ones we show you below, that you can use both cold as hot and thus relax the muscles of your face and feel much more rested.

1. Facial mask with gel beads

This mask made of medical grade gel beads Non-toxic and premium PVC covers, it is safe and tear and leak resistant, plus it has a firm closure that allows a secure and personalized fit.

It is flexible, reusable and safeYou can also use it for both cold and heat therapy. With its use you relieve burns, migraines, inflammations, dark circles, bags, and others.

2. Gel mask for thermal therapy

Made with gel beads that form a contoured fit even when frozen, chilled and heated. Includes a warm fleece cover.

Cover your eyes and give you a instant restore for acute and chronic ailments. With it, you calm sinus pressure, facilitate sleep, relieve anxiety and swelling and much more.

3. Thermal mask pack multipurpose

This mask contains gel beads They form a custom contoured fit, and can be worn either at room temperature, hot or cold.

To relieve you of the muscle and joint inflammation, headaches, dry and swollen eyes, migraines, bruxism, dull pain and much more.