When making a bad movement, a fall, a blow can cause muscle pain, the best way to cure them is with a natural ointment. This tiger ointment is perfect to heal muscle and joint pain, relieve irritations, control nausea, headaches and is excellent for healing foot pain.

1. White tiger ointment that helps relieve muscle pain and helps improve blood circulation

Tiger balm is made from menthol, camphor, petroleum jelly, and other natural ingredients. Helps to calm any pain whether in the back, chest, waist, arms and legs. For the days when you feel extremely tired on the feet, apply a little product, this helps improve blood circulation.

Always apply the ointment with a massage on the affected area. East white tiger balm It should only be applied to the external areas of the body. Although it is a small container it will serve you for various applications.

2. Relieves headaches and back pain, ideal for use on the entire body

This tiger balm helps you ease sprains and ease back pain. Yes you have a headache, apply a little product to the temple with a light massage, you will notice how the pain diminishes in a short time. Whenever you apply this product, wash your hands before and after using it.

During your menstrual period you can apply to the lower back, to ease the pain and feel relaxed. White tiger balm can be used on any part of the body. You will love this natural product!

3. Relax your muscles and relieve arthritis pain with a tiger ointment

This tiger balm helps to relax the muscles, relieve the symptoms of arthritis and shock. Also if you have the flu or a stuffy nose, it will help to decongest your nose. You must apply to the chest before sleeping. It is recommended that when using the tiger ointment, do not cover with bandage or patches, leave the free affected area.

If you are going to apply the ointment and you are going to bathe do it 30 minutes after bathing. This ointment is ideal For seniors, children and people who do sports. Well, it relieves quickly without causing any irritation.