No one said that the cleaning Our home must be a heavy or unpleasant task. Thinking about how to do homework faster and more efficiently, As Seen On TV It has been characterized by putting at our disposal a great variety of products designed for this purpose. On this occasion, we present you the best 3 vacuum cleaner accessories, to make your house look impeccable and fabulous.

1. Hurricane Lint Lizard for vacuum cleaners

Removes lint buildup inside your dryer vent, helping your appliance run smoothly more efficient. It is perfect for cleaning behind appliances that you cannot move.

You can switch between the 3 settings of suction control to better suit your cleaning needs. It is perfect for light cleaning and high power cleaning.

2. ShowDoo: Accessory for Vacuum Cleaner with Universal adapter


Design innovative so you have better compatibility with your vacuum cleaner. Vacuum brush design helps you reach hard-to-reach crevices with regular vacuum cleaner dust.

Enjoy cleaning Dust in a simple but complete way and use the attachment of the vacuum cleaner to get rid of all the dust hidden in your drawers, vents, furniture and more.

3. Daddy Universal Powder for vacuum cleaner


It is designed to remove dust from all corners. Is a vacuum accessory Containing dozens of small suction tubes that collect dust and dirt as they move.

Tubes long and flexible and the accumulations collect dust from almost anywhere in your home or car. They can reach difficult areas, even places that a normal vacuum cleaner nozzle cannot reach.