At the time of do the washing up, It is very common for food scraps to accumulate in the tub. You have to be very careful with these residues, since they can get to clog the pipelines from the house and cause serious damage to the drainage system. To avoid this situation, waste disposers They are a great solution that you can easily install by yourself and thus keep your pipes in perfect condition.

1. Food processor Of high speed


It is a compact but powerful grinder, designed to remove food debris from your sink in a matter of minutes. It is equipped with a high speed motor and a voltage protector.

his compact design It allows you to adapt even to narrow sinks and be able to equip them with a waste storage area that is easy to install and maintain.

2. Compact design with bio shield


A device equipped with advanced technology that includes a system Antimicron Bio-Shield that protects the sink from bad odors. The shredder features an adjustable torque base that provides added stability and makes it safer to use.

It’s a modern kitchen accessory that features corrosion-proof steel armor, a laser-sharpened cutting ring, and a system that allows you to work seamlessly. silent.

3. 1.3 horse power shredder of force


It is a device reliable and functional Compact in size that is able to completely reduce waste in just minutes. It features a unique induction motor and galvanized steel components for strength and durability.

A food grinder easy installation which is perfect to keep your kitchen in optimal conditions. A household item that is the best combination of efficiency, safety and durability.

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