A decorative element that will captivate your sight and hearing.

The home It is a reflection of our inner temple, so we must be in full connection with our thoughts, energies and spirit if we want to live each of our days with total tranquility and well-being. The wind chimes they are an element decorative and energetic very beneficial for our house, since they help us with the flow of energies and give us balance and harmony of mind and body thanks to their movements and sounds. If you want to have one of them at home, take a look at these options and choose your favorite:

1. Bird nest with 12 bells

Bells for 12-piece energy flow with beautiful and delicate wild bird design. In turn, each bell presents some beads above and below them to add weight. Ideal to hang at the entrance of your house or main living room.

This design of wind chimes recreates the scene of a mother bird feeding her young in a warm nest. Made with resin resistant.

2. Wind chimes with metal pipes

Modern and feng shui style design of wind chimes, made of metal resistant. It has a total length of 75cm with copper bells and black beads.

The doorbell of the bells is sharp and delicate. Likewise, the melody is harmonic, which allows you to enjoy each sound more with the passing of the wind.

3. Hanging bells made of bronze

Wind chimes in an elegant and beautiful design, made of bronze resistant and high quality. This decorative doorbell comes with a stronger and easier to hang metal hook. The sound is soft and relaxing for the ears.

This model of bluebells to the wind it presents a neutral color and earth tones, which offers serenity to the eye. Ideal for decorating any space in your home.