Tools that cannot be missing in your car

Having a car involves a number of responsibilities; among them the most important is to make sure that you are always in optimal conditions. At the time of an emergency, it is vital to have the tools that allow you to solve any problem easily, safely and quickly. That is why below we present three essential articles to change the rubbers of your car and that you can not miss.

1. Electric jack to change tires

An electric jack with a motor automatic 12V battery that comes with a tool kit. The jack has a resistance capacity of up to three tons of weight since it is made of high quality materials that allow fast and safe work.

This tool will help you to quickly solve the problems that arise during any trip. It is manufactured under the highest safety and quality standards strict.

2. Portable game pneumatic wrenches

It is a fully electronic tire change wrench kit that is equipped with a rotation system of high impact. It comes with a protective case and a group of wrenches as they facilitate tire removal.

This device will help you solve any problem with your tires faster than the conventional method. In addition, it is a tool that can be used on many occasions easily and simply.

3. Traffic cones folding

It is a group of folding and multipurpose traffic cones coated with two reflective stripes to make them easier to detect even at night. They have a square base and are made of solid and waterproof oxford fabric.

This set of emergency cones are very safe due to their striking and light color which makes it fully visible even at a distance of 800 feet.