Take care of your eyes of wrinkles and expression lines.

The eye contour is very important, this helps prevent wrinkles, Lack of moisture, gives hydration and helps reduce bags in the eyes. The eye contour, should be used in the morning and at night, this does not matter how old you are. Meet 3 masks and patches that will help complement the eye contour. Prevent and reduce wrinkles.

1. Advanced Clinicals: 4 super powerful ingredients, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, activated carbon and collagen

This is a perfect kit, It has the most powerful ingredients has activated carbon, collagen, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C. Each one has different properties, which help the eye contour to remain intact and wrinkle-free. You can make a multi mask or put different masks on your face. Vitamin C helps to remove stains and give better texture, collagen is a great antioxidant and anti-wrinkle.

It is certainly a great investment, to care for and repair blemishes of your face and prevent others from appearing. Always apply a mask at least 2 times a week. Remember that this is a kit with 4 masks.

2. Majestic Pure: gold foil and vitamin e ideal for mature skin

The eyes and neck are the parts where wrinkles can appear, so it always needs more attention, but without neglecting your face. This eye mask is made of foil 24K real gold with vitamin E. It is perfect for very dry or mature skin. Reduces expression lines, wrinkles, gives hydration and moisture and is a high-end mask.

You can also use it on your entire face or combine it with another mask on the rest of your face. In a short time you will feel how your face is illuminated. Your skin will feel soft and you will truly love this mask.

3. Skyn: without dark circles or wrinkles and with better blood flow

The easiest, safest and most moisturizing mask for wrinkles are the eye patches. These patches help improve blood flow, prevent bloating and remove dark circles, perfect if you have a date or an event. Its ingredients are ginkgo biloba, elastin, peptides, coenzyme Q10 that make your eye area hydrated and have the exact amount of moisture.

No matter how old you are or what your skin type is, they will help you prevent wrinkles. You are made in Korea, one of the places with the best skin care products. This is a box with 8 pairs of wrinkle patches.