To dry the hair after the shower we always opt for the use of the dryer, since it guarantees fast and effective results, but these do not turn out to be entirely recommended. To dry your hair and not damage it, a better option is to use microfiber towels They are designed to absorb water and moisture quickly without rubbing or applying heat. This is why this time we will show you some options of microfiber towels with which you can give your hair the care it deserves.

1. Texture absorbent and soft

It is a towel for any type of hair. It has been created with microfiber technology to absorb moisture from your hair quickly. Its measurements are the perfect size to hold all your hair.

Its lightweight material allows you to carry it everywhere easily. It will protect your hair from damage and moisture, leaving it with a very smooth texture.

2. Pack of 2 microfiber cloths unisex

This is a pack that includes 2 towels, one blue and another purple. They were designed with a microfiber material that absorbs moisture quickly without using the dryer.

Both have a turning system and a button to ensure the towel in your hair and prevent it from slipping and you can carry out different activities without worry.

3. Microfiber Towel Shaped turban

They are soft towels made with a combination of microfiber and plush, a pair of materials that do not harm your hair and prevent frizz. They are available in the colors blue, pink, purple and white.

These towels will help you prevent mold and moisture in a natural and simple way, avoiding that your hair is damaged or breaks.