Start the year with a renovated and modern home.

The interior decoration It is a discipline that is essential when decorating a place for the first time or simply when we want to renovate and give a new look to our home. When we face a new house, the rooms are empty and without any defined style, and they become a kind of blank canvas that allows us an infinite range of possibilities.

In the same way, when it comes to renovating a space that we already inhabit, we must define what style we are going to use and how through it we will create a harmonic space without being crowded with any number of elements that do not have some type of connection to each other . Currently, we can find a diversity of styles as far as decoration is concerned.

The trends within interior decoration encompass a series of elements, which have the ability to create harmonious and pleasant spaces that adapt to both the tastes and needs of those who inhabit it. Currently, we find three styles They have become the most popular and you certainly will not want to miss, and then we review them to renovate your house this new year.

Retro style

It is an evocation of the best of the decades from 30 to 50 of the 20th century, where the romantic and the classic prevail. Among its characteristics we find the use of very light colors, being white and brown the favorite for most of the decorations related to this style that evokes the ancient.

Within the history of this style, its birth occurred in recent decades as a way to rescue vintage-style furniture and decoration, restoring and reusing all kinds of materials. Wood and metal are the main protagonists of this style.

1. Vintage cage for birds


This bird cage has a traditional French vintage style. It is made with iron and with an ivory finish. The characteristics of its design are given by geometric shapes complemented by beads. A unique and original piece, ideal to be incorporated into any room where love of the past is the starting point. You can place it on any table, corner and even any countertop.

2. Trunk Storage


It is a storage trunk that creates a unique space, while Provides storage versatility for storing both small and large items. It is made of wood, wood veneer and metal. Each of its elements provides an eclectic and vintage aspect to the decoration of the environment where you incorporate it. It is striking, solid and perfect for any room.

Minimalist style

It is the ideal for all those who consider themselves lovers of order, as well as for those who like simple and serene spaces. Thus in this style of decoration the main premise is undoubtedly “less is more”. This style of decoration has its origin in the United States, in the mid-60s of the 20th century, however, it was developed mainly from the 70s.

One of the characteristic elements of this type of decoration is the Formica veneers, which are responsible for giving the feeling of opulence and are the key to this type of decoration. In the case of furniture, they must have shades very similar to both the walls and the floor. In general, most surfaces are smooth, with the use of glass and stones in the interiors.

1. Shelves geometric


This is a set of three floating metal shelves in black, with wire frame for shadows. They combine minimalist style with a modern art-inspired look for a mix of simple function and eye-catching design. It is perfect for displaying small objects, framed images or photographs, souvenirs or any element of the room where they are. They can be used together or separately inside the house.

2. Set of Auxiliary Tables


These tables have been made with a medium density fiberboard, Solid, with UV soft paint and durable bamboo legs. They are environmentally friendly, but suitable for industrial use. Their elegant design makes them compatible with any decoration and perfect to combine with other furniture accessories. They can be used as side tables and as a practical storage space.

Bohemian style

It is characterized by being an explosion of freedom, happiness and life. Within this decoration the use of varied combinations with warm and vibrant colors is allowed. They are easy to recognize, because the yellow, orange and red tones predominate. They offer a fabulous balance between hippie, vintage and gypsy styles.

This style is born from the need to give value to life, connect man with nature and enjoy any space in a more relaxed way; therefore, it gives a fair value to the old and the natural. As for the furniture, it tends to disappear and is replaced by the use of cushions, poufs and also by some rugs.

It is a type of diverse and inexpensive decoration, which allows the acquisition of items in flea markets, garage sales and fairs giving everything a second chance. Among the most used materials we can point out wood, wicker and rattan, which make a perfect combination to create a bohemian atmosphere inside your home or in a specific room.

1. Pots of succulents

These small cylindrical plant pots are suitable for planting small plants like succulents, herbs and cacti. Its novel design is given by fun geometric patterns. Its cheerful colors provide a strong and marked touch within the decoration of your home, and you can arrange them on the central tables, some shelves or anywhere you want to highlight.

2. Carpet of cotton


Features a durable braided construction Steeped in a rainbow of bright and vibrant colors that add instant joy to any room. It is made of pure cotton, making it incredibly soft and comfortable underfoot. You can place it as a centerpiece in the living room or any room, and also as a complement to a sofa.