She has strong, long hair.

Hormones, stress, can make hair weak. If you want to have longer, stronger and healthier hair, we look for treatments to grow hair. These are ideal for women, as certain ingredients that work best for them. If you don’t have hair loss yet, this will help prevent severe hair loss and thinning.

1. Genové: vitamin with folic acid, zinc and selenium to grow hair

Due to hormonal changes, lack of vitamins Hair growth can be slowed down, this supplement is ideal for women who want to have long healthy hair. Have vitamin B complex, hyaluronic acid, zinc, selenium and iron that works to improve the structure of your hair and even nails.

This treatment to grow hair you can do it once or twice a year. To see favorable results, the minimum consumption of 3 months is recommended for this supplement.

2. Keranique: stimulates circulation and improves hair follicles

The fact that the hair does not grow may be because the hair follicles weaken. This hair treatment takes care of strengthen hair follicles. It is a product that contains minoxidil that works so that the hair becomes thicker because it prevents it from weakening and falling out. When applied, the product improves blood circulation and improves the structure of the hair fiber.

It must be applied every day and you must be constant to see an improvement. You just need a pump and voila. There are packages so you can save a few bucks on hair growth treatments.

3. Kerotin: thickens hair to prevent weakening

Contains vitamins A, B, C, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, ideal for hair growth. It also contains keratin so that it can grow, but is softer, more elastic and stronger. This supplement is responsible fore strengthen and thicken hair. It also contains an argan oil for you to take care of that new and healthy hair.

It is recommended to consume 2 capsules daily, it is ideal so that when you are in menopause and hair do not weaken. Remember not to brush the hair when it is wet, because it breaks it and its breakage can be from the hair fiber.