Take care of your bones with these vitamins.

Lack of vitamins It can occur at any time, but during menopause, as there is a lack of estrogen production, it affects that you do not have much calcium in your bones and are more susceptible to an accident. Also vitamin D, helps a lot to take care of the bones and tissues. We give you these 3 vitamins that will help you take care of your bones and do not weaken.

1. Nutrition: protects bones and muscle function

Vitamin D3 is the vitamin that the sun gives you, it happens when you expose yourself to the rays, but its deficiency is very common. Consuming vitamin D helps improve health protect bones and muscle function. It is recommended to consume one tablet every 2 days, always accompanied by food.

If you are sensitive to the stomach, ask your doctor what is the best vitamin D3 for you. Vitamin D3, will help your body to be protected against falls.

2. Jarrow: essential vitamins and minerals for bones

With age the deficiency of vitamins and minerals is inevitable. This supplement has vitamin C, D3, calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper and vitamin K, which together prevent fractures, cares for your bones and gives you the nutrients you need. It is recommended to consume 3 capsules a day, but you can start with one a day.

This vitamin complex can consume men and women, because in men it also considerably decreases the production of certain proteins and vitamins in the body.

3. Filter yourself: exact dose of calcium and vitamin D

A supplement with vitamin D3 plus calcium which helps your body to better absorb calcium from food, reduces the risks of osteoporosis and some other bone condition. A capsule has the exact daily dose that you should consume every day.

Do not forget your health and much less your bones, hot flashes and hot flashes can steal your attention. Has a 80% satisfaction and many women They have felt improvements in just 2 weeks.