A hair-free and irritation-free face.

Skin care in mens It is something extremely important especially the one that covers our face, since it is exposed to elements such as the weather, sunlight and the razor blades. After shave lotions are products created to promote hydration of the skin and avoid irritation from the shaver. It is for this reason that we will show you some of the best after shave lotions that you can use in your day to day.

1. Lotion in spray no alchool

It has a refreshing formula that is completely alcohol free, this makes it perfect for all skin types. Comes in a 60 milliliter spray presentation that works up to 100 applications.

If shaving your beard is a very painful process, you can start by applying this lotion to your skin. Its natural ingredients soothe irritation and the redness caused by the razor.

2. Lotion with Vitamin E

It is a lotion that contains Vitamin E and SPF 15 extracts for a sun protection factor. It has been designed to treat all discomfort after shaving and provide the corresponding hydration.

You can apply it daily in small amounts on your face and neck. The product absorbs quickly and in a matter of minutes gives you a softer skin, rejuvenated and with an exquisite aroma.

3. Moisturizing lotion for more skin healthy

This is a lotion created with a cooling effect formula made from sweet almonds and a blend of natural ingredients. It is designed to be quickly absorbed by the skin and not leave greasy feeling.

It is a product that offers you immediate results thanks to its formula with natural ingredients. Users who have already tried this lotion confess that it has properties that relax and soothe the skin.

4. Formula to alleviate irritation in seconds

It is a premium lotion created by the renowned brand of moisturizing creams Nivea. Its formula is super refreshing since it is mainly made with extracts of aloe vera and pro-vitamins B5.

Leaves a pleasant scent all over the face and provides intense hydration that is perfect for tr