An important part in the maintenance of vehicles is to be aware of each part of it, from the engine to the tires. It is essential to constantly review the conditions they are in and check the air pressure. That is why below we show you better gauges so you can be aware of the state of your tires.

1. Tool digital Easy to use


It has a backlit LCD screen and an illuminated mouthpiece that makes visibility in low light areas easier. It has been designed to maintain correct pressure of the tires in order to reduce wear and extend their useful life.

his digital screen shows you an instant and clear reading. For its part, the nozzle easily forms a seal which prevents air from escaping while you are filling the tires.

2. Device with LCD screen laptop


It is a digital tire inflator with LCD screen that has been professionally calibrated to produce a reliable reading within the exact tire pressure.

This kit includes a tire inflator laptop It is equipped with a digital caliper, quick connect coupler, bleed valve, air chuck, and compressor hose.

3. Tool to control air pressure


It is a tire pressure gauge that makes sure your tires are correctly inflated anytime. Includes a two-axis swivel hose that provides easy access to the valve.

You just need to connect it to the air valve of your tire so that it automatically begins to fill them with air. You don’t need any base to keep it stable or constantly keep an eye on the meter.

4. Meter with hose and connector


This is a tire air gauge that includes chuck, gauge, inflation gun and hose. It has a large two-inch dial with a rubber case and a caliber range with a capacity of 0 to 120 PSI.

An ideal option that you can always carry with you in your vehicle Because in addition to measuring and inflating tire air, it is also ideal for recharging mileage gas.