A simple and efficient security alternative.

When a elderly person suffers from a fall unintentionally, there are many risks that could arise for the physical and emotional health of those who suffer from it. Scientific studies have proven that elderly people who fall do happen to them repeatedly, so it is necessary to take preventive measures.

Falling off involves the rmobility induction of the person, the quality of life is affected because it is impossible to remain in optimal conditions, the adult could become dependent and would need help to be able to move or carry out complex or simple activities, which leads to a loss of his own control. If the fall is severe, it could happen have broken bones making a surgical intervention with risks even of mortality inevitable, and if the recovery arrives they could be generated major injuries.

Therefore, it is extremely important that these situations are prevented in life, so we suggest that you start preparing and having the tools at hand so that these accidents do not happen. As well as these options excellent non-slip mats so you can place them at home and avoid any physical damage in your family.

1. Antibacterial mat for the bathroom

In many colors and with a non-slip system, this carpet is ideal for being in every bathroom in your house, since it is clean and safe for your family. It has a system that keeps bacteria away that exist around the shower. It has many suction cups that adhere to the floor, there are 324 of them in total, which will ensure that they remain safe on smooth surfaces.

Its size is extra large at 35 inches long by 16 inches wide, which gives you good coverage. Orifice technology allows water to circulate, so it doesn’t stagnate or generate fungi. This mat is free of BPA, toxic materials such as latex, and is mold resistant. Machine wash recommended.

This mat is a great option for your home as it will protect your entire family from falls and contagious foot diseases. You can use it not only in the bathroom, but in any part of the house such as the kitchen, the entrance or the back, in the same way if you have a gym at home it is also a good idea, so that the sweat falls on them.

2. Bath mat pebble style

A beautiful design accompanies this special carpet for your bathroom. It is made with vinyl material that makes it very resistant first hand. It gives you a wide coverage in your shower so that you keep everything in harmony in your spaces. Its presentation is white with black and gray colors, which make it elegant and give it a chic touch wherever you are going to place it. It has a suction cup system 180 in total, so that excess water is channeled through them and you can also protect your family from falls as they adhere to the floor.

You must have this mat design at home if you have a sophisticated taste and combine your spaces with the best. You can wash it in the washing machine without any problem of deterioration. It is ideal for bathrooms but you can also place it in any space of the house since its colors combine with any setting without clashing the environments.

3. Non-slip bath mat soft chenille

A variety of colors is what you can find in each of these mats that have been designed to give you security, comfort and cleanliness when you are in your bathroom. It is extra soft to the touch, protects your feet from the cold floor of the bathroom, its design is special with microfiber that offers extra softness. Each hair on their microfibers is about 1 inch long, making your feet totally encircled by thousands of individual handles and feel like divine rubbing against cotton, indulging your feet at all times. It has a system of fabric layers, medium sponge and non-slip layer.

This soft bath mat is for the outside of the shower and the outside of the tub and will look beautiful anywhere you choose to use it. Its non-slip backing helps keep the mat firmly in place, so your whole family will be safe when getting out of the shower. The Chenille mat can absorb water quickly, so you will never have a wet bath. Super-soft microfiber material won’t shrink or coarse after washing, keeping your bath mat the same shape it was the day you bought it.

4. Non-slip bath mat soft rubber with suction cups

An ultra modern and very chic carpet for you to have at home. It is a non-slip system with a large number of suction cups that are super strong and resistant that give your family security at all times. Its size is perfect because it fits into any space in the bathroom, it is extra long and covers most of the tub. Made of sturdy rubber, this bath mat is very soft and doesn’t hurt your feet in the least. It is also very easy to clean with a cobblestone surface and vibrant color.

It is ideal to have at home because it is safe for babies, small children, adults and the elderly and even with physical disabilities. The textured surface It is also a good cushion when you take a long bath in the bathtub. Its beautiful blue color makes it look like you are in the ocean, enjoying a rich and relaxed bath.