Essences that will make you a real Pop diva.

Wear a good fragrance It is an important part of our outfit and depending on its concentration, its aroma can accompany you for hours. A good fragrance can influence your self-esteem, because there is nothing like smelling delicious to make you feel better about yourself. Recently the famous singer Ariana Grande has released its own range of fragrances and here we show you the most outstanding.

Thank u from Ariana Grande

A perfume with olfactory notes of white pear and wild raspberry that add a sweet touch. Its bottle is pink in color and is adorned with a heart-shaped base.

If you like leaving a trail sweet and delicate where are you; Without a doubt, “Thank U” by Ariana Grande is the ideal fragrance for you. Musk adds a playful and feminine air.

2. Cloud, a perfume to be in clouds

A fragrance launched in 2018, it is a colored glass bottle Sky Blue with a white cloud base. The jar lid is also cloud shaped.

Cloud has delicious olfactory notes bergamot, pear and lavender combined with coconut, whipped cream, praline and vanilla orchid. The perfume is complemented by some woody and musky aromas.

3. Sweet Like Candy, Limited edition

“Sweet Like Candy” is a limited edition fragrance recognized for its exclusive scent to red berries, Italian bergamot, pear, jasmine, musk and liquid amber. The perfume is in a round red container.

Its creators have defined it as a fragrance dangerously sweet, which means that it is designed for those who like to attract attention. An ideal gift for someone special or for yourself.

Moonlight from Ariana Grande

A glass jar in pearl white with violet, round in shape and adorned with a pom pom for a more delicate detail. The essence contains notes of currant, plum, peony, sandalwood, amber and vanilla.

A combination created by it Ariana Grande inspired by her free spirit, charming and full of positive energies. An aroma that will make you the center of attention of any meeting or social event.

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