More hair, no fall with a biotin shampoo.

Biotin shampoos take care of make longer, stronger hair and prevents the fall. Well, it nourishes, repairs and makes each hair thicker. Not all biotin shampoos are the same, as some are better for fine and thin hair, others are better for oily hair, as they tend to clean thoroughly. Get to know these 4 shampoos that help you have healthy and long hair.

1. Pronexa: with organic ingredients to make hair stronger and longer

This shampoo has vitamins and minerals that help to have better hair growth by containing biotin, collagen and silk. These ingredients work to give more elasticity, strengthens and helps it to be thicker. The most important thing is that blocks DHT, which is what causes hair loss. Using it will help to keep your hair from falling out and it can grow.

If you are concerned about the ingredients, this biotin shampoo is certified that all its ingredients are organic. When applying, leave it to act for 2 minutes and remove. Ideally, you should give it 3 months to see noticeable results. Excellent if you have very fine and thin hair.

2. Osensia: sulfate-free and paraben-free that helps grow and strengthen hair

This biotin shampoo helps thicken, strengthen, grow and prevent hair breakage. Its main ingredients are biotin, vitamin B5, cucumber and aloe vera extract. Applying the shampoo helps your hair retain moisture, so it is not parched and gives it a natural shine. Biotin helps it to grow and not break avoiding stye.

It is a biotin product it has no sulfates or parabens. It is perfect for very brittle hair, colored and suitable for any type of hair. Buyers love the scent, a shampoo with 66% satisfaction.

3. OGX: increases volume, thickens and gives hair nutrients

If you notice little, spaces in your head and you want to increase the volume in your hair. That biotin shampoo is the solution. Well it has biotin, collagen and wheat proteins that help to give more volume, thicken hair and they give your hair nutrients. By having more thicker hair, you will notice a nutrient-rich and resistant mane.

It is ideal if you have a dry, damaged hair and very fine, as it does not have sulfates or parabens. If you already have thick hair, you may not notice differences with its use. It can be used by men and women.

4. Bioken: slows hair loss

The best way to grow hair is to use biotin and minoxidil. Together they help hair grow, increase its thickness and volume, and regenerate hair follicles to create new hair. Blocks DHT, which is the trigger that lets your hair fall out. Ideal for men and women who are already starting with hair loss.

You can use this shampoo if you have dyed your hair, if your hair is very brittle or susceptible to breakage. It is a biotin product that is free from animal cruelty. A shampoo with 4.4 stars.