A tool that will help you properly feed your baby.

The best diet for babies is without a doubt Breastfeeding, since it provides all the benefits and nutrients they need. In case you need to go back to work or at any time you need to be away for a time from home, you can express your milk with a bomb and leave the milk to your baby to continue feeding. Here we show you the best options.

1. Pump Electric Breastfeeding with storage containers


It works at a low noise level with 3 modes and 9 suction levels to choose from, massage and stimulate the breasts before pumping, comfortably and painlessly. It has a rechargeable lithium battery.

This breast pump allows you to pump directly into the pre-sterilized milk storage bags, for pumping convenient and hygienic which saves valuable milk and time.

2. Milk Pump Dual purpose


The breast pump integrated electrical can be operated with one hand. It is small and easy to use. Mom can take it anywhere without cable restriction.

It has an 8-level massage mode that can help you have a better breastfeeding experience. Its LCD screen allows you to choose the number of suctions per minute and the intensity.

3. Milk Extractor Automatic Portable


It is designed to be easy to use. This breast pump has five different configurations of speed and suction that allows you to customize your experience to achieve maximum milk flow and time savings.

It has a anti-reflux function, which allows you to protect milk from infections and keeps it away from fungi, bacteria and viruses. You can use it for about 60 minutes under a full charge.

6. Pump Double Breastfeeding


They are made of all the material BPA free so that the storage of your milk is 100% safe for your baby’s consumption and no chemical products are filtered.

It is a breast pump low noiseSo you don’t have to worry about waking up your baby when you pump during nap or bedtime.

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