The perfumes of Carolina Herrera They are one of the most demanded products in the world due to their quality, original and long-lasting ingredients. Their designs on the packaging are an additional attraction that makes them authentic works of art. If you are a lover of its fragrances, you will surely love this selection with the best four perfumes for women made by the popular fashion house.

1. Perfume of Carolina Herrera with floral notes


This perfume is one of the most sought after among women who love intense smells, an essential feature of fragrances of Carolina Herrera. It comes in a beautiful blue to black glass bottle and is shaped like a high heel.

A wonderful perfume made mainly with floral notes such as tuberose and sambac jasmine, which reflects an intense aroma and denotes mystery due to its base of tonka and cocoa. This fragrance is ideal for you to give to someone special who will love unique gifts.

2. Essence in spray Herrera 212

This fragrance has a modern and avant-garde design that is noticeable from its tone capsule-shaped bottle pearl white and gray. This spray has sweet olfactory notes from the orange blossom, tangerine, cactus flower and bergamot.

It is an ideal perfume to use on a daily basis, regardless of where you are, its delicious aroma adapts to all kinds of casual or formal encounters. A brand fragrance Carolina Herrera that denotes good taste and elegance.

3. Special edition by Carolina Herrera

A perfume made with ingredients from the olfactory family from the sweet-scented flowers. Among its components stands out the Brazilian rose, bergamot and jasmine that give the fragrance that spicy touch. This perfume is available in a very elegant glass container.

If you want to surprise a woman by giving her a rich fragrance for her birthday or anniversary, this exclusive perfume by Carolina Herrera It is one of the best options you will find.

4. Fragrance of Carolina Herrera with melon and orange

A perfume that tops the list of the most wanted, mainly for its divine aroma from the oriental flower It is enhanced with a few hints of bergamot, orange, grapefruit, melon, Bulgarian rose, jasmine, praline, cinnamon, wood, and leather.

This perfume was launched on the market in 2007 and is one of the most demanded by dynamic and hard-working women who like sweet essences with a certain touch of spices. An intense perfume that will make you smell rich during all day.