The sunglasses They are those accessories that we use constantly when we go out on the street during the day, and if we do not protect them properly and place them on the head, in the pocket or inside the wallet, we run the risk of damage such as scratches and breaks. To avoid this type of accident, we recommend four covers to protect them, and the best, for less than $ 10.

1. Splaqua: Waterproof case

The lens case is made of rigid material with EVA rubber and a super strong zipper that makes it resistant to shocks and splashes of water. At one end it has a hook to hang it on your backpack or purse.

The manufacturer guarantees years of use with this case that measures 6.3 x 2.8 x 2.4 inches. The model is versatile so you can take it to any outdoor activity and comply with the protection of your lenses.

2. Neoprene protector with colorful print

At 0.5 inches tall and 1.1 wide the Moko lens case is made of high quality neoprene It adapts to almost any size of glasses. It is a lightweight case that guarantees total protection against shocks and water.

You can get this cover with different eye-catching designs to suit your style. The zipper comes with a sturdy hook to hang it on your backpack or pants.

3. Extra large cover for your maxi lenses

The Oullo brand has for you its extra large hard case It measures 5.5 x 2.4 x 2.4 inches, ideal for people who wear large sunglasses. The cover comes in different artistic presentations with herringbone and feather prints.

Avoid scratches, bumps and splashes in your favorite glasses while you are not wearing them and carry them in style inside your bag without any danger.

4. Classic and safe cover for your glasses

The lens case best seller in Amazon It is the classic of Altec Vision. It is rigid and medium in size. On the outside it is semi leather to resist bumps and scratches, and inside it is suede to protect the lenses.

The versatility of this classic case It allows you to carry it in your pockets or in your bag, avoiding damage to your glasses. It is available in nine colors, making it ideal for the whole family.