We all know that drive and talk on the phone at the same time it carries great risks that can result in fatal accidents. Ideally, when you have to use the cell phone, you should stop the car safely, or in case you must continue your journey, answer the call in free hands. And since we care about you and think about your safety, here we recommend the best cell phone holders for your car so you can talk hands free and don’t take your hands off the wheel.

1. Universal support with suction cup

This mount has been designed to move like a telescope that extends from 4 to 6 centimeters providing a variety of optimal positions. Holds all kinds of phone model.

It represents a very useful instrument and has suction cups for better adhere to the board. It has a base that can be adjusted for comfort and also allows you to answer the phone hands-free.

2. Stand and charger for car

This article is composed by wireless devices that give a faster charge to your ph It has a metal plate and two strong magnets that hold the phone plus a built-in micro USB cable.

If your phone is being downloaded this device recharges it while you are driving without losing contact of important calls.

3. Bra with automatic sensor

This bra is from clever design with clamps that lock and hold your phone tight, and at the push of a button it releases automatically. It automatically turns off and works for all phones.

Take advantage of taking the latest technology with you in your car to keep your cell phone safe every time you drive and at the same time security for you, since you can answer your calls hands-free.

4. Magnetic Car Mount universal

This bra is compatible with all smart phones and mini tablets up to 6.5 inches. It has a magnetic mount that is easy to install and fits on any flat surface. The base rotates 360 degrees which will give you a perfect angle.

This device is small in size but very efficient. It is the solution to your days of driving and talking on the phone without having to stop on the way.