Coconut shampoo for shiny and silky hair.

Using a shampoo of coconut oil, coconut milk or coconut water helps to strengthen the hair, thoroughly cleanses the scalp avoiding fungus formation or you have a lot of dandruff. Many of them do not have sulfates or parabens so they are perfect for use on very hair. damaged and mistreated. Meet 4 coconut shampoos that will restore shine to your hair.

1. Oliology: restores and strengthens your hair

This coconut shampoo contains organic coconut oil to strengthen your hair from the hair follicles, since restores it and gives it life. By nourishing it, it gives shine, repairs it, cares for the moisture in each hair and makes it stronger. It can be used if you have your hair painted, it is a sulfate and paraben free product.

Its aroma is delicious, it will remind you of good morning at the beach. Women with curly and Chinese hair liked it because it molds them and leaves them in their place. A coconut shampoo with 75% satisfaction.

2. Alaffia: a coconut shampoo with ginger that cleanses and does not alter the pH

Coconut oil and African ginger are the 2 main ingredients of this shampoo. They help stimulate the circulation of the scalp, nourishes the root, does not alter the pH of the scalp because it does not eliminate natural oils. Thanks to its size it will last you at least 6 months. It is an organic product that cleans in depth.

Many of the buyers have noticed changes in their hair from the first week, some use it as a body soap and even for shaving, as they leave their skin soft. A product to a very good price.

3. L LUSETA: a kit with vitamins that care and shine

This shampoo has wheat protein, vitamin C and E and coconut milk. Putting all these ingredients together, they help to have elasticity, hydration, shine and avoid breakage by combing it or by free radicals. They can be used if you have dyed your hair, as it does not alter or damage the color.

It is a shampoo and conditioner kit it is recommended to use together to promote better health in your hair. It is a product that have 70% satisfaction. If you are thinking of investing in a good hair care product, do not hesitate in this kit.

4. Honeydew: promotes hair growth and repairs damage

If you have deep damage to your hair either from dyeing it, using heat products, or from weather changes, a coconut oil shampoo can repair it. This shampoo helps hair grow, prevents dandruff, replenishes nutrients lost to damage. They are perfect to thicken your hair and make it stronger. It can be used by men and women.

When you apply this shampoo in the shower it is recommended that you let it act for about 3 minutes and then rinse. Don’t forget to wear a mask to notice faster results. A shampoo with 4.5 stars.