The lice They are small insects that require human blood to survive. These are spread through person-to-person contact or through the use of someone’s personal belongings. There are different treatments to get rid of annoying lice, and one of the most effective is combs. So today we show you some of the best available so you can get lice out of your children’s hair.

1. Professional comb stainless steel


This is a comb made of stainless steel and with micro grooved teeth that is specially designed for remove lice and its nits safely. Its design adapts to all types of hair.

You just have to run this tool through your hair and let its fine bristles catch these pesky insects. His design safe and effective Makes it perfect for multiple use and with any family member.

2. Set of combs fine bristle


This game has three combs with metal bristles and three double-sided tooth combs that have a simple and elegant design that is efficient in maintaining health without damaging the scalp.

A very easy to use and effective option to eliminate the annoying lice. Can be used in any way safe on any type of hair. It is a comfortable way to rid your children of these pesky pests.

3. Hygiene tool capillary


It is a comb that has been specially designed to remove lice and nits from the scalp. It has a safe design to be used daily and even in children. Their teeth They do not tangle hair or mistreat the scalp.

You only need to divide the wet hair into different sections so that this tool can work efficiently. Just run the comb through each of these sections and then clean it with a napkin to get rid of all those pesky lice and their eggs once and for all.

4. Compact comb for lice and nits


It is a comb to eliminate lice and nits effectively. It is made to end way safe and practical with lice and nits found in any type of hair. This product is free of chemicals that can cause allergic reactions.

With wet hair you only need to apply a conditioner and start to pass Comb all over the hair. In case it is very long or abundant, it is a good idea to use tweezers and divide the hair into sections.