An effective and fast solution for all family members.

The combs to remove lice They are one of the most effective methods to eliminate those uncomfortable parasites that lodge in the hair. According to specialists, the correct way to use this tool is to use a special shampoo or conditioner to eliminate parasites, separate the hair into parts, and proceed to pass the hair comb. Lice are a very common problem, so it is always advisable to have one of these combs at home. Here we present 4 of the best:

1. Comb stainless steel by Nit Free

The Nit Free brand lice and nits remover comb is made of stainless steel with micro-ribbed teeth that allow you to you drag the lice and its eggs easily and without discomfort.

You can use this tool in all hair types, wet or accompanied by oils or specialized products to kill these undesirable parasites.

2. Comb with vacuum technology

The VComb brand has for you its comb made of stainless steel with four suction filters that together with its electronic system will allow you to catch lice and get rid of their eggs.

Pediculosis is how lice are known. It usually occurs at school age and that is why it is important that parents regularly check up their children and use products to facilitate styling and that the experience is pleasant.

3. Comb two in one from Nix

The double-sided comb The Nix brand is made of stainless steel, it has two sides, one with dense teeth ideal for dragging lice and nits, and the other side with wide combs designed to deal with tangles before, during and after removing lice.

The manufacturer recommends its use with the Nix Lice Killing Crème Rinse or Nix Ultra 2-in-1 Lice Ultra solution to eliminate lice and nits.

4. Kit to remove lice by Ladibugs

The Ladibugs brand has available its kit to eliminate lice that consists of a stainless steel comb, mousse and serum for hair made with special natural ingredients to eliminate lice and their eggs and keep your hair soft, facilitating their dragging.

To use it, the first step is the serum to kill lice, apply it for 15 minutes and rinse. Then the mousse to prevent infestations, you apply it and after 15 minutes you apply it again and proceed to comb each strand of hair until there are no parasite residues.