Diaper rash is the term used to define the irritation and redness of the skin that babies present in the hip area, which is commonly known as diaper. That irritation or inflammation occurs in the areas of the buttocks, thighs and genitals. The most vulnerable in suffering from this problem are the babies between 4 to 15 months of age, whose skin is extremely sensitive to any external factor to which it is exposed.

Diaper rash appears different factors Among which one of the most common is when the skin is exposed to faeces and urine for long periods of time. Another of the most common causes of this condition is if the clothing or diaper is very tight and rub against the skin constantly or even the use of chemical products such as talc, soaps, lotions or creams that contain fragrances, which can be considered factors that produce irritation on the skin of infants.

There are also some clinical cases where the redness of the skin is caused by bacteria or fungi. This occurs because this area is a very warm area filled with moisture due to sweating, urine, and feces. These temperatures are perfect for bacteria and fungi to grow, reproduce and spread throughout the skin of the baby.

It has recently been proven that the feeding Complementary babies can produce changes at the cellular level. The process of introducing solid foods, recommended from 6 months, or the use of a new one milk formula It can cause that the organism at first is not able to metabolize all the food or liquids ingested well, this makes the baby’s feces become more acidic.

It is very common that when the diaper start be accompanied by visible symptoms such as red, irritated skin and even in the most extreme cases fill with red spots, and if not treated in time it can cause ulcerations and even superficial wounds. It is a very common problem that all parents are concerned about as this causes the child to experience burning or pain when urinating or when passing stool.

In order to avoid it, it is essential to maintain good hygieneKeeping the area dry and treating it gently is essential. There are also a number of habits that are beneficial for the infant’s skin. It is logical to change diapers frequently and wash the baby’s genitals and buttocks very well with warm water.

Personal hygiene is also vital to prevent the baby from being affected by any external agent. Handwashing Before changing the baby’s diaper, avoid using wet wipes or products that contain alcohol or perfume and use only organic soaps Treating an infant with glycerin are good measures to prevent their skin from being adversely affected.

Another good idea is to air dry the skin or use hypoallergenic towels to permanently remove any trace of moisture that can serve as an environment for bacteria. It is also important to you andvitar At all costs, dress the baby in diapers or very tight clothing, as well as ensure that he does not stay in the diaper for long.

Another way to prevent or treat diaper rash is to apply some cream or ointment, made from natural ingredients. These are products designed with highly hydrating components that work to create a protective barrier, reduce irritation, decrease redness and aid in inflammation of the skin.

This is why when looking for a product for try diaper should select those that do not generate the appearance of blisters, pus pimples, yellowish secretions, open wounds or infections. This time we will show you the best creams or ointments for help you to choose which is the best for your baby.

1. Pediatric formula easy to apply

It is an ointment recommended by specialists It can be applied daily to protect the skin and keep it properly moisturized. Its formula contains lanolin, petrolatum, cod liver oil, vitamins A and D, mineral oil, microcrystalline wax and paraffin. It comes in a presentation of a container with 454 g of product.

Each of its components will help you avoid rashes on the skin caused by chemicals, tight clothing or diapers or excessive sweating. The cream will seal each of the skin’s pores to prevent the growth of bacteria, and will also provide your baby with immediate relief in the affected area.

2. Ointment based on natural ingredients

Manufactured in specialized North American laboratories, it is a product free of animal cruelty, parabens, mineral oil, perfumes or chemical dyes. It is a scientifically proven cream so it is safe to apply on the your baby’s skin

Applying it daily will help nourish the skin, soothe itching, relieve inflammation, reduce redness and irritation. Also to cure affected areas and promote an immediate recovery without spending a lot of money.

3. Cream for sensitive skin

The Baby Bum brand brings this cream to your baby hypoallergenic completely free of animal cruelty. Its formula is herbal, zinc oxide, coconut oil, aloe vera, shea butter and cocoa. It is ideal for keeping the sensitive skin of young children hydrated.

Tested by pediatricians and professional dermatologists, it is a safe product that you can apply to the most delicate parts of your baby’s skin, such as the genitals, buttocks and legs. Its properties will help soothe the skin and prevent diaper rashes.

4. Zinc oxide to relieve irritation

This cream is mainly made with zinc oxide which is a protective and astringent ingredient that penetrates the skin to prevent and treat irritations. It will provide immediate relief to your baby’s skin.

Create a seal to combat humidity and prevents bacteria or germs from proliferating. Users who have already tried this cream indicate that it is a product for the hygiene of young children that is great to prevent diaper rash and irritations produced by the constant rose between your baby’s clothing and skin. It doesn’t work when the rash or dermatitis has already become an infectious process.