One of the most common maternity problems that you can deal with with these products.

The pregnancy It is a stage full of great hope in the life of any woman who has imagined herself as a mother at some point in her life; either the first pregnancy or any subsequent one, since each pregnancy is different and unique. Imagine what the baby will be like, what sex it will be, if it will be more physically like mom or dad… They generate endless emotions that are worth enjoying every second, since as with many other stages of our life, not everything is color in pink.

Everything in life has its good part and its bad part, and the pregnancy It is not the exception, since there are symptoms that tend to be very uncomfortable throughout the pregnancy and continue even after giving birth. One of them is the nipple irritationIt is as bothersome as morning sickness, heat, and cramps or pain in the back and legs.

Among the most common causes associated with irritation in nipples include poor grip on the baby, the condition of hookworm or short frenulum on the baby’s tongue, an incorrect position when breastfeeding, mastitis or infection in the breasts, the symptoms of which include fever and chills, the presence of thrush and thrush in the baby, blocked ducts, among others.

As we can see, the cause of irritation in the nipples can be given by both the mother and the baby, so it is advisable to rule out each of these symptoms to take the most appropriate solution and thus end the problem. However, these symptoms rarely occur, so they are not usually the most common cause.

The most common cause of nipple irritation is the product of the adaptation of the breasts in the production of the breastmilk, which increase in size and become darker in color. Such a process affects the skin of the area, which is quite sensitive to stretching due to the dryness it causes, resulting in a terribly bothersome and continuous itching, which worsens if scratched. How to relieve it? Hydrating the breasts and nipples to the maximum.

Despite the fact that irritation in the nipples is considered a normal symptom, a prolongation of this should put us on high alert, since it can indicate something else.

Mild discomfort is normal in the first days of Breastfeeding, since the baby is adapting to eat and therefore learning to hold on to the breast. If the problem lasts for a week and even throughout a lactation session, we should consult a specialist. Given this, it should be borne in mind that the size of the breasts does not influence it.

Currently, there is a wide variety of products specialized in treating the annoying pregnancy symptoms such as nipple irritation; However, you should bear in mind that self-medication is only indicated when it is a common and relatively bearable discomfort, so if you suspect that it may be something else, do not hesitate to consult your doctor.

1. Protective cream with 100% natural lanolin

Clinically tested and certified, this cream lanolin-based It is 100% natural, hypoallergenic and free of preservatives, parabens, fragrance and flavor.

Its consistency is thick And its lanolin ingredient has a unique purification process that removes impurities without added additives. To use it correctly, wash your hands well before applying it, apply a minimum amount and spread it throughout the nipple area after each feeding or when you think it is necessary.

Soothes and protects your nipples sore while breastfeeding, and also you will not need to remove the product before breastfeeding as it is safe for your baby. Its use will make the moment of feeding your child really enjoyable. Finally, it is recommended that you avoid tight clothing in order to contribute to your speedy recovery.

2. Earth Mama: Baby-friendly organic herbal cream

This cream formulated with organic herbs such as marigold and beeswax organic, does not present in its formula petroleum, parabens or lanolin. It has been dermatologically tested to treat irritation.

Its consistency doesn’t feel sticky and it can also be used to hydrate sagging and dry cheeks, it is even suitable for baby’s skin.

It is ideal for soothe and hydrate your nipples and your skin dry. Its formula is safe for the baby, so it will not be necessary to wash the area before breastfeeding. To finish, opt for a good bra and avoid wearing very tight clothes, since your skin needs to breathe.

3. Organic herbal cream for ease the pain

Formulated with organic herbs such as extra virgin olive oil, marigold, beeswax, shea butter and marshmallow root. The nipple cream is free of lanolin and synthetic or artificial ingredients.

Recommended for treat dryness and irritation of the nipples. It can be applied according to the frequency desired.

Provides relief to your sore nipples and cracked. In addition, you do not need to wash before breastfeeding, as it is safe for your baby. Be aware that you will need to avoid tight clothing, that you have a good bra that supports your breasts well and that in turn allows your skin to breathe.

4. Medela: organic hypoallergenic cream

This nipple cream is hypoallergenic and it’s made from all-natural ingredients like lanolin, caprylic triglycerides, and oat beta glucan.

The cream glides on smoothly for easy and convenient application. Also, there is no need to withdraw the product before breastfeeding.

It offers you a relaxing feeling on your sensitive nipples, thus improving the experience of breastfeeding your baby. Try to wear loose clothing and a good bra, this way the process of feeding your baby will be much more comfortable.