Surely it has happened to you that when driving on the road you do not see a deep pothole in time and when you fall in it you can not avoid spilling all your drink in the car. It is an unpleasant and unfortunate situation that has happened to all of us. A good way to avoid this type of accident is with the use of cup holder like the ones we show you below, with which you will keep your car always clean and your drink no spillage.

1. Cup holder universal rotation

It is a lightweight product with great resistance and universal rotation (360 degrees). With a diameter of 95mm bracket, made of ABS plastic and non-slip rubber. It is a multifunctional cup holder, adjustable and suitable for different bottles, as well as clamps with flexible rubber pads.

It is easy to install by yourself and no need use other tools. Its support and design provides stability, it is durable and very practical.

2. Drink holder and accessories

Support for the sides of the car seat, for place bottles, glasses and accessories such as cell phones or cards. It has a stable, resistant and uniform design.

This cup holder you can adapt it to most sizes of drinks and is an ideal option to keep your accessories safe. It is easy to install and will not move from its place.

3. Support with rubber tabs

It is a holder for car glasses black, adjustable and with rubber tabs. With a base extensible from 2.5 ″ to 3.7 ″ in diameter, and with a comfortable and stable design even for rates.

You can adapt it to different cars, motorcycles and boats. It provides a lot security and stability. You can add or remove the cup holder with a simple twist.

3 in 1 cup holder multipurpose

This holder is 3 in 1, for glasses or bottles, cups and cell phones or accessories. American-made black. It has a removable base plate, with an adjustable foam sleeve up to a cup holder for vehicles.

You can also use it to go to the beach, in cars, boats, desks, camping and other ocasions, and keep your drink always safe.