A strong and safe adhesive for older adults.

Many people due to age or also due to illness, begin to lose their teeth and are forced to use dentures. Although this type of prosthesis has evolved over the years, it can sometimes cause discomfort because it moves in the gum. An excellent way to prevent these inconveniences is with the use of special adhesives and then we show you some options.

1. Adhesive thermoplastic Zinc free


Its exclusive formula with thermoplastic polymers provides a durable, comfortable and secure hold up to four days. Its patented formula is waterproof and is even capable of supporting the daily teeth cleaning ritual.

Adheres to your dentures and molds instantly, creating the necessary suction to maintain teeth instead without the need for glue.

2. Adhesive cream for dentures

A product that combines a firm fit with a solution that refreshes breath and eliminates germs that cause bad odor. Helps prevent slipping and does not allow food to come between dentures and gums.

It is ideal for you to use it both for prosthetics complete as partial. A very comfortable and resistant adhesive that promotes the proper care of your false teeth no matter how old you are.

3. Glue cream raincoat


It is a glue cream that acts as an adhesive extra strong which creates a secure seal between dentures and gums. Its formula is completely resistant to water or any other liquid.

You just need apply it once a day to keep your prosthesis where it belongs. No particle comes off the adhesive, therefore it does not cause problems in the stomach and it does not alter the taste of the food.

4. Adhesive bands for dentures


A completely zinc-free formula that provides effective retention and a perfect fit during all day. This product guarantees you up to twelve hours of membership; depending on the setting, the amount of saliva and the food consumed.

Helps you protect and seal your dentures so you can enjoy all day, without worrying about your prosthesis moving from its place. It also helps seal food particles, while protecting the gums and preventing irritation.