Cook It is one of the activities that allows us to pamper our whole family through divine recipes that we prepare with great love for all of them. When preparing food, it is very convenient to have a tool that is quick to absorb strong aromas and fat and prevent them from getting impregnated on our skin and clothes. So that does not happen, we recommend these four designs of Extractor hoods that you can easily install in your kitchen.

1. Fan 3 speeds

A piece that has a very modern design. This kitchen tool can adapt to any type of space and decorations that exist in the kitchen. It is made of stainless steel and has permanent filters, it also has a three speed which can be adjusted through its touch panel.

A tool that eliminates all possible odors from the kitchen so that it is always kept clean and sterilized. This hood includes permanent filters made of stainless steel that can be easily cleaned.

2. Ventilation system wireless with LED light

A powerful and quiet machine that is equipped with a backlit touch screen and motors with a spin cycle of 4 speeds. Its design allows quick ventilation of the kitchen without producing any noise or annoying sound.

The hood can operate efficiently thanks to its carbon filter duct and is also equipped with a 5-watt LED light system. Long duration They provide lighting that enables clear reading even late at night.

3. Hood 30 inches

A modern 30-inch kitchen hood that is made of stainless steel material and can work efficiently thanks to its carbon filter duct. Design includes 2-watt LED lights low consumption that allow an easy reading of the control panel.

The tool is equipped with 3 adjustable speeds that allow you to suck and ventilate quickly to eliminate any type of unpleasant odors from your kitchen. It is easy to turn on and off, and its motor allows it to work efficiently without making annoying noises.

4. Extractor with light and supports

This extractor has a system that eliminates up to 97% of the smoke and odors that are caused during cooking of food. It has smooth flow technology and LED lighting that optimizes air flow without making annoying noises.

If you want to eliminate odors from your kitchen when you finish preparing those delicious recipes to prevent house is impregnated of these aromas, without a doubt this extractor will become the favorite tool of your kitchen.