Diuretic drinks to eliminate the retention of liquids.

Fluid retention can be due to certain foods that cause this in your body, it is also caused by circulation and kidney problems. There are certain drinks that help eliminate fluid retention in a day, as they are teas with natural ingredients. These teas are antioxidants, they also help improve metabolism and raise your defenses to prevent respiratory diseases.

1. Good earth: a jamaica tea that improves the function of the intestines and has vitamin C

If you feel bloated or very swollen, jamaica tea may be the solution. It is a flower that has properties to be a diuretic drink, as it helps eliminate what your body does not need. including blood glucose and improves the functioning of your intestines. This tea is high in vitamin C, so it helps raise your defenses.

This diuretic tea is caffeine free so you can consume it at any time, you can even make a cold infusion. In the first shot you will notice how you will go to the bathroom more often.

2. Bigelow Tea: green tea cleanses your body and improves circulation

Green tea is one of the best diuretic drinks, because it helps cleanse your body through urine, it even helps you lose weight. Green tea helps improve blood circulation and It can even lower cholesterol. Green tea contains caffeine, so with a cup in the morning, you will feel like you do not retain liquids throughout the day.

If you are on your period, it will help you not feel very inflamed. Green tea can have a strong flavor, but you can sweeten it with low-calorie sugar.

3. Yogi: ginger tea makes metabolism fast and fluid-free

A very famous diuretic drink is ginger. A ginger tea helps your body not retain liquids, because it makes the metabolism fasteror and it even makes you feel satisfied for a few hours. Ginger is an excellent anti-inflammatory so that you do not feel inflamed and it is excellent when you have a cold, because it uncovers your nose and makes you feel more energetic.

Ginger will help keep you from retaining fluids, no matter what the reason is. It is an excellent antioxidant to prevent disease of the immune system.

4. Buddha Teas: parsley tea prevents urinary tract infections

A diuretic drink that also helps to care for the kidneys and prevent urinary infections, is parsley tea. Well, it has nutrients that help discard what your body does not need. Thus your body will be able to eliminate liquids that are in your body and make you feel heavy and inflamed.

Parsley tea does not contain caffeine, So if after eating or because of the climate you feel inflamed and with fluid retention, this diet drink will make you feel light.