Protect your teeth and gums from any damage.

The basic steps to achieve a good oral hygiene They are brushing the mouth after each meal and periodically assisting the dentist. There are many tools to help you have a cleaner mouth every day at home, but few are as efficient with a electric brush, who is capable of Thoroughly remove plaque from your teeth and keep your gums healthy. Take a look at the options that we show you below and keep the health of your mouth in perfect condition.

1. Brush with battery Long duration

A long-lasting, rechargeable tooth care device. It is equipped with bristles made of dupon nylon and has 5 brushing modes Automatic to be able to thoroughly clean teeth and gums.

The rounded bristles allow you to clean with precision millimeter all areas of the mouth, including the most difficult to reach. Its compact size and battery make it comfortable to carry everywhere and can be easily recharged thanks to its USB port.

Electric brush with whitening heads

Made with advanced technology and approved by professionals in the oral health guild, this toothbrush has a system of fast charge. It is equipped with 3 brushing modes, a waterproof body, and a timer that notifies when cleaning is complete.

Its ergonomic design makes it adaptable to Anyone, whether it is an adult or a child. It is capable of improving the health of your teeth in just 2 weeks.

3. Rotating action with motion sensor

It is equipped with a sensor pressure that is activated by movement. The device includes a timer that tells you the time recommended by dentists for brushing and a rotary cleaning mode with 3D action.

This complete mouth care tool is approved by the American Dental Association. Helps you eliminate up to 300% of the plate It is located between the teeth, gums and tongue.

4. Brush to remove plate from gums

An electronic tool that has high quality bristles which allow cleaning between teeth with a speed of up to 62,000 planed per minute. Its body is completely waterproof and includes its own portable charging base.

It is a device of high technology with which you can create a more efficient tooth brushing routine. It has the ability to anger by grading the power as you get used to it.

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