To have a perfect manicure, you must also take care of your cuticles.

The hands they are our main letter of introduction; and so that they are always healthy and the manicure look perfect, we must keep our cuticles well hydrated. Poorly groomed cuticles completely damage manicures and similarly prevent natural nail growth; That is why this time we recommend the best essential oils available for soften your cuticles.

Revitalizing Oil Cuccio


It is a complex mix of oils and vitamins. It is formulated with honey, which naturally calms and hydrates, while the lactic acid in milk refreshes and stimulates your skin.

This revitalizing manicure oil conditions and nourishes your cuticles, adding the necessary soft touch to your hands. This nourishes, hydrates and protects the cuticles of your nails.

Natural Oil for cuticles

Its formula is based on essential oil of tea tree, created especially for cracked and stiff cuticles and nails. It is lightly scented with lavender, lemon and antifungals.

Provides you with extra nutrition with Vitamin E to strengthen your nails. Its perfect size and applicator make it convenient to always have it with you in your purse or bag. makeup.

3. Jojoba oil Moisturizing

The jojoba it is the main ingredient of this oil. Its unique properties include a molecular structure almost identical to that of your skin. Penetrates cuticles and nails to hydrate.

Its moisturizing properties give you longest nails and strong, maintaining your health and natural hydration. Take care of your cuticles and nails with its convenient pencil applicator to take it wherever you go.

4. Avocado oil for Cuticles


Its formula includes avocado oil, almond oil and vitamin E. It is an excellent oil that softens and conditions your cuticles, nails and also the skin, you should only apply a drop on your nails.

By regularly using this oil your cuticle, nails and the skin of your hands are kept healthy, hydrated and strong. Before each manicure massage your nails, you can also apply it every night to improve its effects.

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