A necessary tool for people with reduced mobility.

When buying one Wheelchair every detail counts. Its characteristics, manufacturing materials and resistance are important both for the comfort of the patient and for their environment. One of the main limitations for the use of wheelchairs are the tight spaces, like apartments or small houses. That is why this time we show you the best models folding so you can use it with freedom and comfort.

1. Pandady: Wheelchair Handbook

Folding wheelchair with backrest handle and hand brake front and rear. Available in blue, black, red and orange.

The back cushion is breathable and cool. Solid tires are puncture resistant, and will not affect normal ride due to uneven surfaces.

2. Yolandek: Wheelchair electrical

Electric and folding wheelchair equipped with two 320 W motors. It has a waterproof joystick easy to control, with on / off indicator, horn and speed indicator.

It has a system of automatic braking that allows you to move comfortably and safely on different surfaces. It is light and easy to fold, so its transport will not be a problem.

3. EnjoyShop: Wheelchair with legrest

EnjoyShop 24 "Folding Lightweight Arm Detachable Wheelchair Adjustable Leg Rests Softly Padded and Detachable Armrests PVC

Wheelchair with external pocket on the back. It has straps for a better fit and safety of the user. It has hand brakes on each wheel and soft, padded armrests and legrests.

It is a practical and reliable tool to be used by elderly adults or people with reduced mobility. Have the right size to provide comfort and also move freely through tight spaces.

4. Drive Medical: Wheelchair with high back support

Drive Medical SSP20RBDDA Silver Sport Reclining Wheelchair with Detachable Desk Length Arms and Elevating Leg Rest, Silver Vein

Folding wheelchair made of steel. Has reclining mechanism up to 180 degrees, with durable nylon upholstery. It is comfortable, light and easy to clean.

The high backrest and cushion for the neck and head support It provides the user with a solid and comfortable support at all times. Special for people with injuries to the spine.