Nothing better than spending a pleasant time with our family at home on a Sunday or holiday in the living room in front of the TV. The advantages provided by technology have made this device almost essential in every home. And if you want to take the TV experience one step further, please pay attention to the following TVs from giant flat screen that we show you here:

1. TV with google assistant

The state-of-the-art LG Electronics TV with an intelligent processor that instantly improves the picture quality and it also has access to the Google Assistant for a better and advanced experience. This device is equipped with Dolby Vision and Atmos that optimize the image and sound.

This TV provides a experience unique that you can live from the comfort of your home. Its immersive audio and crisp color will make movie nights unforgettable.

2. LED picture TV realistic

This device with intelligent functionality has a high technical capacity that combines the clarity of the 4K image Ultra HD, color and high dynamic range, all thanks to its LED backlight with contrast and dimming to provide a realistic image.

This TV is compatible with HDMI, HDCP, USB, headphones, Alexa, Google Assistant and a large number of applications and devices to allow a more complete experience.

3. Series Smart tv high perfomance

It has a 4K UHD processor that optimizes the performance of the device and offers better image quality. It also has a perfect and fine depth of detail that makes each image much more realistic.

This television has a simple but wide and loaded screen that links content that can be shared with various devices and it has a speaker output to enjoy your own home theater.

4. Device 4K Ultra HD LED

It is a television with 4K HDR dimension that is equipped with the most advanced technology in image and sound X-Reality Pro. It also has the Motion flow XR system, which provides dynamic and intelligent contrast to each image.

The ultra HD capacity of this Sony equipment is one of the best advantages to enjoy the best movies and content from the comfort of the home.