All the glamor of Giorgio Armani in exclusive fragrances at an affordable price.

Having a scent that identifies us is an efficient way to fill our days with joy and help us feel better about ourselves. In order to have a rich aroma, it is always good to have a fragrance It is made with ingredients that help create that essence which you want associated with your image. For this, we have made a selection of four exclusive perfumes of Giorgio Armani that can be adapted to tight budgets.

1. Armani If I Passion Deluxe Edition

A luxury edition of one of the flagship perfumes of the house Giorgio Armani. A fragrance with olfactory notes where you can identify ingredients such as pink pepper, pear, blackcurrant and grapefruit with some hints of jasmine, pineapple, vanilla and cedar.

If you are looking for a perfume that lasts all day which also has a very particular aroma, this Giorgio Armani essence is ideal. Also, it is perfect to give on a special woman’s birthday.

2. Acqua Special Edition Say Gioia

A long-lasting essence with very characteristic notes such as tangerine, bergamot and neroli They are accompanied by more intense ingredients such as rosemary, nasturtium, and jasmine. It comes in a cute clear glass bottle that is equipped with an applicator.

Enjoy a perfume with the distinctive touch of Moroccan cedar and Mediterranean cistus, which give a touch of elegance to this exclusive fragrance. If you like long-lasting scents, then this will be your favorite perfume.

3. Yes with sweet essences of Giorgio Armani

This perfume has been created for women who love sweet aromas from olfactory notes such as tangerine nectar and blackcurrant with orange blossom and vanilla, reinforced with an oak moss base.

It comes in a beautiful presentation that makes it more attractive to that woman who has a demanding and sophisticated taste. It can also be a present very nice for dates like Valentine’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day and other celebrations.

4. Armani Code with olive blossom

This exquisite perfume has been designed with intense and penetrating aromas such as bergamot, lemon, star anise, olive blossom and wood. The base notes are leather, tobacco and tonka bean.

By applying it you will enjoy those rich aromas typical of the Giorgio Armani line. You can use this perfume in the day or night.