An easy and effective way to bring well-being to your back.

A sudden and high-intensity movement, such as a slip, can lead to an imbalance between the musculoskeletal structures resulting in low back pain. When this happens, we usually apply local cold therapy, rest and take anti-inflammatories, thus interrupting your daily routine. Luckily, the girdles that we are going to recommend below not only They will ease your painThey will also give you a faster and more natural recovery.

1. EMS: unisex lumbar girdle

Built with stabilizer mounts built-in back supports that allow a reinforcement in the lower back, all thanks to its 4-inch double-traction elastic for greater security.

his curved design And its adjustable double straps make it flexible, giving you a personalized fit. In addition, it will be invisible under clothing, allowing you to wear it while you’re away from home.

2. King of kings: Unisex Multi-Fit Lumbar Girdle

This lumbar girdle is made in removable knit fabric, washable and breathable. It has a pulley system that offers adjustment of the backrest to the exact position and pressure according to your needs. It offers support along both sides of the spine.

Provides you relief to muscle tension thanks to its 2 nylon bars that support the lumbar muscle at the waist and the ability to move naturally thanks to its comfortable support.

3. Sparthos: stable support lumbar support

Built in breathable mesh with adjustable lumbar pad to provide additional compression for the lower back. Its vertical support keeps stabilizing your back and prevents it from rolling.

It gives you a immediate and lasting relief from herniated disc, sciatica, back pain, muscle pain and other back conditions. Use it when you walk or stretch.

4. NeoTech Care: lightweight and breathable lumbar support

The girdle has been made in neoprene material high quality, which makes it a highly lightweight and breathable girdle.

It gives you a excellent support to your back and waist while letting your skin breathe. Its dual-band and wedge elastic straps allow compression levels far beyond what is generally available in backrests.