Products made 100% cruelty free

Many people suffer from intolerance to gluten. This type of condition is known as celiac and has been confirmed to affect 1% of the world population. This condition can cause problems like constipation, muscle aches, infertility, and other deficiencies. Today there are supplements and multivitamins made with natural ingredients that are made for people intolerant to gluten, and today we present four vegan options that will improve your health.

1. Natural tablets of Omega 3

This supplement DHA and EPA It is made from a completely vegan encapsulated oil and each capsule is covered by a soft gel. 90 pills come that are easy to swallow and do not have any artificial flavor.

Take care of your health and enjoy this supplement gluten free that will allow you to continue with the normal rhythm of your life and eat the foods you want without fear of allergic reactions.

2. Vegan supplements calcium with vitamins

Support your health naturally and give it healthy doses of vitamin D3 and K2 that will complement your daily diet. Its patented formula helps absorb calcium faster and thus better process proteins.

Improve your cardiovascular health with just one capsule you take a day, and it is also ideal for people who cannot process gluten in foods. It is enriched with BioPerine, a black pepper fruit extract that can improve nutrient absorption.

3. Organic mix to complement your meals

The supplement of Organic Meal It has all the nutritional qualities that will help you lead a better lifestyle. Its patented formula provides 0.70 grams of organic vegetable-based protein and 0.28 of organic fiber that gives you all the strength you need.

If you are a person allergic to gluten, this supplement is ideal to help process it and put aside allergic discomforts and reactions. Organic powder has a rich flavor of fruits and vegetables mixed.

4. Protein powder a plant base

A powder supplement that has twelve vitamins and minerals that help complement your diet. Protein is vegan and has no added sugars, it is also available in solutions that give your drink a pleasant chocolate, vanilla or mocha flavor.

You can make a delicious smoothie with your favorite fruit and have it at breakfast so you feel energized all day. Sit down Good every day and enjoy this rich protein powder that will keep you protected from any allergic reaction.