Clean your kidneys with a rich green juice.

After a night of a lot of dinner or drinks, after a long consumption of medications or you want prevent urinary tract infections, consuming a green juice will help your kidneys stay clean, better digestion and have a better absorption of nutrients. You can consume these in the morning to decrease inflammation and swelling. We give you 4 powders that you can juice in without having to go to the supermarket every day.

1. Nested Naturals: with probiotics that take care of your intestinal flora

This green juice contains more than 10 natural ingredients that will help cleanse your body and kidneys of urinary infections. It is a green juice that will help you improve your immune system and keep protected from diseases. Contains probiotics to take care of your intestinal flora and your digestive tract.

It also contains fiber that will help you if you have trouble going to the bathroom. Consuming this juice as breakfast will help you have more energy and your body is clean. It is one of the green juices Best sellers in Amazon.

2. Athletic Greens: takes care of digestion, gives you more energy and is an excellent detox

If you want to cleanse your kidneys naturally and with a rich flavor, this green juice has 75 vitamins and minerals all of natural origin through vegetables, fruits and superfoods. Is a powerful antioxidant, contains probiotics and prebiotics. Consuming it aids digestion, cleanses the kidneys, improves evacuation, cares for the immune system, supports hormones and gives you energy.

In a matter of weeks you will notice improvements in your digestion. It is important that while doing a detox in your kidneys avoid alcohol, junk food and fast food. This juice has 78% satisfaction.

3. Amazing Grass: avoids cravings and leaves you satisfied longer

Green juices in addition to cleaning the kidneys and improving digestion, are excellent if you are losing weight because they leave you full for longer and prevent your cravings. By having several green ingredients, you can improve the appearance of your skin and hair, since it absorbs more nutrients to give them life.

You can combine this juice with other antioxidant fruits, if you wish or just combine with a little water. It is normal that with its consumption you regularly go to the bathroom, so don’t forget to consume a lot of liquids.

4. Cloudleaf: prevents urinary infections and is an anti-inflammatory

A rich spinach juice will give your body the recommended dose of vitamin A, essential to take care of your body. It also has a great amount of antioxidants, magnesium, zinc and vitamin C, E and K. Consuming a spinach juice will help your digestion improve and your kidneys stay clean. They also prevent urinary infections.

Spinach is an excellent vegetable that helps improve blood pressure and works as a natural anti-inflammatory. Having the spinach powder, will help you to prepare it at any time and will not rust the leaves if you delay consuming them.