A natural and striking decoration touch for your home.

The lamps They are very important decorative elements in any space of our house. Not only do they serve to illuminate, they also allow you to give any room a warm and special touch that will be the focal point of the decor. The style or design of the lamp will depend on the look or decoration you want to achieve; however, those that are made with natural or salt rocks from the Himalayas, like the ones we show you here, give you a rustic and modern touch It will look good in any environment, and it will be a very striking element that will surely give a lot to talk about.

Salt Rock Lamp rustic-looking

This lamp hand carved Himalayan salt rock It was made in Pakistan. It radiates a warm amber glow that gives a relaxing atmosphere at home that creates a sense of peace. It has a tactile switch with which you can adjust the light intensity.

It is ideal for the center of a table coffee or desk; Also to use it in your meditation sessions or in your yoga room. It is a very pleasant warm and soft lighting.

Salt lamp flower shaped

With a beautiful design of hand-carved flower in pink toneIt is made with 250 million year old salt located in the Himalayan mountains and which makes it an authentic rock of pure crystal. It weighs approximately 8 pounds and includes 15-watt bulbs and a dimming switch.

It is ideal for the bedroom, office, yoga studio or living room. Has the air purify function and relieve stress by releasing negative ions that trap pollutants from the environment.

3. Set of 2 Natural salt lamps with bulbs

This set of two lamps natural salt It comes with a six foot cord and an adjustable rotary switch. Each one has a wooden base and a carved tower.

These beautiful lamps in addition to purify the air of your home offering a very healthy environment for you and your family, it will also be a beautiful decoration for home spaces.

Pink salt lamp with metal basket

This beautiful Salt lamp wrapped in a metal basket, it has been designed to beautify the spaces of your home. Bring in natural chunks of Himalayan salt that produces an amber light and can be placed in the bathroom, bedroom, living room, kitchen, or anywhere you want to have a soft glow of lighting.

With this Himalayan salt lamp you will have a pure and natural light source for your spaces, which will be clean thanks to the purifying properties of your minerals.

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