Keratin repairs damaged hair.

Almost all hair is made up of a protein that is keratin. When you dye it with products with a lot of ammonia, use a lot of heat products or apply chemicals to the hair, this keratin is lost and it gives dry, damaged and broken hair. Keratin products take care of restore protein to hair and gives you protection for the future.

NEXXUS HAIR: gives strength and resistance to future damage

If you have extremely dry and lifeless hair, this keratin shampoo is great for you. It is a repairing shampoo that has keratin and black rice, which are responsible for cleaning the hair fiber, makes your hair has more resistance, gives strength and shine to hair. It is a silicone-free shampoo that penetrates deeply to take care of damage.

A product that contains 33.8 ounces, is a high quality shampoo that is used in beauty salons. Can be used by any type of hair. A keratin shampoo with 4.2 stars.

K Kerotin: makes hair grow and cares for free radicals

Keratin is a protein, so it can be consumed as a supplement. These pills have keratin what they do is that it helps the hair to grow, gives it more volume and density, prevents frizz, takes care of contamination and the sun. You can complement the consumption of this keratin supplement with a shampoo for create a protective layer for that dry hair.

They also have biotin, vitamin B, and folic acid. It is recommended to consume 2 pills daily for better results. Contain 60 capsules that will serve you for a month of treatment. You have more than 50% satisfaction.

3. TRESEMME: keratin with marula oil to repair dry hair

Recover the softness, shine and elasticity of your hair, this shampoo contains keratin and marula oil that help repair hair and take care of it damage from dyes or heat products. It helps to not frizz, nor have much frizz. You will notice more manageable and softer hair from the first application.

It can be used by any type of hair, as it repairs it from the roots. It is recommended to use the entire line for better results. Some buyers have said that their hair feels thicker, stronger and that it is perfect the size relation with the price.

It’s 10: softness, strength and tangle-free

To complement a keratin treatment, this is a product to take care of split ends, give it more strength, provide smoothness and repair in dry and lifeless areas. You can apply it after showering and always from medium to ends. If your hair is oily, thick, Chinese or curly, it is perfect for you, as the texture will not be heavy for your hair.

Many women like me, because you will notice changes in the short term, It is ideal for colored hair and have noticed less split ends. Do not exceed the use in each application, as it may feel very heavy. It has 85% satisfaction.

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