An efficient way to protect your hands while cooking.

One of the places that become a kind of laboratory inside our houses is the kitchen. In this space we can experiment and create new experiences for our family. And since accidents can happen in any laboratory, one of the most common is burns on the hands. Thinking about this, we show you the best tools kitchen to protect you from the heat.

1. Gloves for silicone oven


These quilted cotton lined oven mitts are capable of withstanding temperatures up to 450ºF and provide greater comfort during work in the kitchen. They are also responsible for preventing burns on sensitive forearms.

Thanks to their longer protection, these gloves allow you to work safely safe since its design covers from the tips of the fingers to a little higher up the wrists.

2. Mittens for oven

These mittens are made of a fabric that has a retardant material flame, this makes them ideal for any use in the kitchen. They have a design that protects both from the heat and from the flames themselves.

They are a great ally for take care of your hands from burns while cooking. The best way to extend their life is to clean them instead of washing them to prevent them from losing their retardant coating.

3. Pack of 4 mat


These practical tablecloths are made with silicone Food safe and 100% BPA free. They are non-slip, flexible and enough to comfortably grip any type of hot kitchen utensil.

They are light and resistant to heat, they are designed to distribute heat and better protect your hands from any type of Burns. Safe so you can use them every time you go to work in the kitchen.

4. Silicone kitchen gloves


They provide maximum protection against heat as they are designed with high quality materials that can withstand temperatures up to 464ºF. Its surface is textured and allows a strong and non-slip grip.

Additionally, its inner lining Soft is responsible for protecting your hands. These gloves are safe for handling utensils with food that has been in the oven.